How To Overcome Android Hot For Pokemon GO

The feeling that Jody does not have to explain what it is and how to play Pokemon Pokemon GO GO. The latest gaming technology brings Augmented Reality is indeed crazy by many smartphone users around the world. Jaka sure, you too would have to play it right?

To get the Pokemon in Pokemon GO, you must turn on the GPS and make the screen flame continues. Consequently batteries run out quickly and smartphones so hot. How ya solution?
How To Overcome Android Hot For Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO Although not yet officially released to the Asian region, including Indonesia, but Android and iOS users can already use Pokemon Go. But when playing Pokemon GO, the impact is obvious smartphone so hot. But still, this is not the punishment for using an illegal application anyway. Here’s how hot karen Android aspire to play Pokemon GO.
1. Turn on Battery Saver

To prevent data Pokemon around you can be updated in real-time, during the playing Pokemon GO then ye shall display lights up. For this case the Nintendo already provides the solution, the Battery Saver feature. This feature can be accessed via the Menu (symbol Pokeball) – Settings – Battery Saver.


After Battery Saver is active, then every time you reverse (flip) smartphone, the screen will automatically extinguished. Unfortunately, this feature only works if you have a smartphone Gyroscope sensor. If not, then how to overcome this heat battery will not work on your smartphone.
2. Using Application bsol

For those of you who smartphonenya not supported Gyroscope sensor, certainly annoying because it can not use Battery Saver feature in Pokemon GO right? But do not worry, Jake solution. The trick is to download the application Black Screen of Life (bsol).


After bsol installed on the smartphone, its Enable you enough. Later when playing Pokemon GO, you simply cover part near the earpiece sensor in your smartphone with your hands or paper, and automatically screen smartphone will be extinguished but the game keeps going. Your battery is guaranteed to be durable and not hot smartphone while playing Pokemon GO.
3. Restart Routine Smartphone


If you are a player who again had a fever Pokemon GO so often forget the time for fun hunting Pokemon, would often really ngalamin battery is hot right? When hot smartphone, then the performance you throw a Pokeball to catch Pokemon was declining.


How to cope with the heat and Android in order to catch Pokemon more smoothly is routine to restart the smartphone. During working hours or lecture, you try to restart or shut down the smartphone. And free time, just started playing again. Guaranteed you will not be hot smartphone deh.
4. Do not Use Hard Case


Hardcase usage on smartphones is going to make your smartphone so sturdy and protected. But if used while hunting his Pokemon which incidentally will trigger hot, hardcase it actually result in overheating in the smartphone. We recommend using a silicon case or leave without case if you want a comfortable hunting Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Well, he tips Pokemon GO in order not to make you hot smartphone. So now you can play Pokemon GO without having to worry about battery runs out quickly and hot smartphone.

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